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STARS Programs

STARS Programs

Youth - Striving Towards Achieving Results & Success Inc., (Youth STARS / STARS Program) goal is to provide long term mentoring, tutoring and enrichment to poor at-risk youth, with an assured opportunity for a higher education. With a particular concern for at-risk youth, we work to improve the conditions for all children. The program will create partnerships with the local school districts. Youth STARS matches a caring adult volunteer with a referred youth. 

Runway Modeling Project - 6 month program; 10 - 15 participants:

This program is designed to reduce impulsive, high-risk and aggressive behaviors; and increase our youths’ social-emotional competence and other protective factors.  This is a multiple based program, consisting of models, designers and those interested in music.

During the initial intake into the program, the participants will take part in a Test Photo Shoot for evaluation.  Training and coaching will be provided as well and additional photo shoot opportunities.

Upon completion, participants will be part of:

  • Model in a Youth STARS Fashion Movement & Talent Event; including hair and makeup service
  • End photoshoot
  • Five (5) portfolio photos
  • Opportunity for internship with 3Divas Designs & Studios

Print Modeling Only Project – 6 month program; 4 – 6 participants:

Upon completion, participants will be part of:

  • Model in a Youth STARS Fashion Movement & Talent Event; including hair and makeup service
  • End photoshoot
  • Five (5) portfolio photos
  • Opportunity for internship with 3Divas Designs & Studios


The Designer Project - 6 month program; 5 participants:

During the program, participants will design and create 2 outfits for use in the STARS Fashion Movement & Talent Event. The participants in the design program would be paired with 1 - 2 participants in the modeling program.
Upon completion participants will:

  • Display their designs in a Youth STARS Fashion Movement & Talent Event
  • Receive photos of their designs
  • Opportunity for internship with 3Divas Designs & Studios

Group discussions, modeling, coaching and practice are used to increase students’ social competence, risk assessment, decision-making ability, self-regulation and positive goal setting.


STARS Entertainers Program; 3 month Program - 4 – 5 Participants:

This is a mentoring program for youths between the ages of 9 and 17 years old. The STARS Entertainers Program works to enhance internal strengths and resilience of youth in high-risk environments, to raise their awareness, and to prevent their involvement in substance use, gangs, violence and truancy through music and entertainment.

This program is designed to help participants become strong and emotionally health. Enabling them to move forward to be a productive and positive member of society. 

Music/Entertainment Program is a 6-month program able to accommodate 6 - 8 participants:

Participation consists of attendance of a 2-hour group meeting once each week, training on the use of recording equipment, access to recording and mixing equipment, use of the sound studio weekly.

Upon completion of the program participants will:

  • Perform in the STARS Fashion Movement & Talent Event
  • Opportunity to record a single for the Youth STARS CD.

(Sale of the CD will be available on-line, listed on various websites and also available during Youth STARS Fashion Movement & Talent Event)

The STARS Entrepreneur Program is a standards-based business ownership and skills program.  The purpose of this program is to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in minority youth.  I will provide at-risk, low achieving teens training in and exposure to entrepreneurship, business ownership and the opportunity, responsibility, and authority that go along with these, It will give them a reason to learn, will build self-confidence and inspire ambition and achievement.


The STARS Entrepreneur Program; 6 month program – 6 – 8 participants:

The STARS Entrepreneur Program is designed as a 9 month program, which meets once a week for 2 hours.  This program gives youth an opportunity to control their own destiny in a free market system through study and experience of entrepreneurship.

The STARS Entrepreneur Program will explore youth entrepreneurial skills, define personal and business vision and goals, and introduce them to the key components of a well-developed business plan.

During initial intake into the program an assessment of specific skills and passions will be explored.  The first twelve weeks staff and volunteers will take the students through the steps needed to write a business plan, research the market place for marketing, operational, legal and financial information needed to start a business.

Local small businesses will assist with internship of at-risk youths and participants will have the opportunity to intern with 3Divas Designs & Studios, LLc., and with Youth STARS Inc.

Through entrepreneurship education, young people learn organizational skills, including time management, leadership development and interpersonal skills.  All of which are highly transferable skills sought by employers.  Other outcomes include:

  • Improved academic performance, school attendance; and educational attainment
  • Increased problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  • Improved interpersonal relationships, teamwork, money management and public speaking skills
  • Job readiness
  • Enhanced social psychological development (self-esteem, ego development and self-efficacy)
  • Perceived improved health status
  • Opportunity for Work Based Experiences
  • Opportunity to Exercise Leadership and Develop Interpersonal Skills
  • Opportunity to Develop Planning, Financial Literacy, and Money Management Skills
  • Teach the concepts of entrepreneurship and business ownership Teach a variety of business concepts, including business ethics
  • Encourage students to continue their formal education
  • Inspire and motivate youth to follow a legitimate business career
  • Help parents develop entrepreneurial talents in their children
  • Provide youth with a practical outlet for their creative talents