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Executive Team

Theresa - Owner


Theresa is a former runway model, who started her career in Florida in the early 1980’s. She modelled professional for nearly 8 years, including Ebony Fashion Fair and JCPenney catalogues. After relocated back to the DC Metropolitan area in the early 90’s, she embarked on a corporate career where she has performed several job functions in multiple industries. Theresa's background began with answering phones for business customers in a 200 person call center ensures her commitment to customer service.

After going back to school and receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Theresa’s career began to move forward. She advanced from customer service to management. However she never lost her love for fashion. Theresa has been with her husband for 22 years and has a strong belief in family. Her love of family carries over to her business in 3Divas Designs & Studios and is the foundation the business is built on.

Theresa started 3Divas Designs & Studios in 2010 and with the help of her business partners has grown the company quickly. This is mainly due to the ideal that modelling is more than just being a pretty face or having a fierce walk...that beauty comes from within. Theresa believes in more than just managing her “Divas” fashion career and  strives to assist them in becoming upstanding and contributing citizens.

Due to Theresa’s over 17 years of corporate management experience, coupled with her desire to improve the lives of young individuals and the ideal of a family oriented environment; 3Divas Designs & Studios is well on its way to being a premier agency in the DC Metropolitan area.

Desiree Wood - McDougal

Desiree is the Chief Operations Officer. She has several years of experience as a print model. Her expertise in planning and coordinating are attributed to her corporate profession of 6 years as an Operations Coordinator for a major health care organization.

Desiree has obtained several additional accreditations, including completion of Medical Billing and Coding and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She serves as an inspiration to the young models and strives to encourage them to seek higher education. As the mother of two (2) young children, Desiree prides herself in incorporating values and the "Family Orientation" into the 3Divas team.

Working side by side with her mother Theresa Ervin, She assisted with the start-up of the company, providing ideas to establishing the foundation and developing the "3Divas Sisterhood". Her patience and expertise in the field of print modelling provides her with the correct mind set for handling the New Faces Division; guiding and encouraging young women and adolescents to pursue their dreams.