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Level II / Virual Modeling Training: 8 Week Course

Our classes are highly practical and are delivered in an entertaining and relaxed manner.  Our trainers are industry professional who are dedicated to enhancing your childs confidence and personal image.

Their expertise will teach your child the skills and techniques required to pursue modeling.  Our interactive modeling classes will enable your child to "trial" modeling in a non-competitive and encouraging environment.  

Posture & Body Language

  • Active posture - walking, sitting and standing
  • Walking in heels
  • The art of positive body language and shaking hands
  • How to embody a positive attitude
  • Meeting and greeting people
  • Effective listening
  • Assertiveness (including skills on handling bullying and difficult relationships)

Speech Enhancement

  • Bio Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Platform (Cause Development)

Fashion and Print Modeling

  • How to walk and Move like a professional model
  • How to move, pose and be photographed
  • Preparing for an audition
  • Choreographed routines
  • Submission to castings
  • Comp card creation

Make up / Beauty Session

  • Applying age appropriate make up

Level II Course Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Fee: $280.00

Completion Level II Model Training and Pre-Registration submission video is required upon exceptance into the training.  Pre-registration interview form will be emailed after registration form is recieved. 

Deposit of $140.00 is due 2 (two) week prior to course start date.